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Solar Stimulus a Winner for All

24 April 2020: Solar Stimulus a Winner for All

News that the NSW Government is making it simpler for rooftop solar owners to install larger systems is today welcomed by Solar Citizens. The community group is calling on NSW and other state governments to further invest in solar stimulus measures. 

“Making it easier for NSW residents to expand their solar systems is a good step to stimulate the small-scale solar industry, while helping households slash their bills even further,” said Ellen Roberts, Solar Citizens’ National Director. 

“While more people are working from home and using electricity during the day, rooftop solar has an important role to play to keep electricity bills manageable.

“Investing in further measures to make solar and storage accessible to more households can offer real bang for buck for state governments: lowering power bills, slashing pollution and keeping people in work.”

Currently the small-scale solar industry employs 13,000 people across the country, according to ABS data released last month. 

“It’s harder for renters and low-income households to install rooftop solar and take control of their power bills, so this is a real opportunity for governments to expand programs that boost installations on rental properties and public housing,” said Ms Roberts. 

“There’s also no better time to make strategic investments in rolling out solar and storage on schools and government buildings.”

An 2017 report commissioned by Solar Citizens found that NSW’s solar owners reduced the state’s wholesale electricity price by up to $3.3 billion over one year, largely by reducing peak demand.


Media contact:
Ellen Roberts, Solar Citizens' National Director 0408583694