Solar Scorecard reveals widening gulf between major parties on renewable energy - Solar Citizens

Solar Scorecard reveals widening gulf between major parties on renewable energy

Community group Solar Citizens today released a Solar Scorecard for the Queensland Election, showing the widening gulf between the major parties when it comes to renewable energy.

“Labor’s announcement yesterday of support for 1000 MW of new renewable energy in Queensland, and a publicly owned Clean Co generator puts them streets ahead of the LNP which is committed to building a new coal fired power station” said Solar Citizens Queensland campaigner Louise Matthiesson.

This election, Solar Citizens is calling on all political parties to move towards 100% clean energy by committing to three key policies:


“To give voters the facts, we’ve assessed the party’s policies in detail, and it’s clear that this election Queenslanders have a very important choice to make about our energy future.

“One party will take concrete steps toward a target of at least 50% renewable energy by 2030, while the other will scrap the target altogether.”

“Labor’s promises to make it easier for low income households, schools and remote communities to go solar have also not been matched by the Qld LNP.

“Over 450,000 Queensland households have put solar on their roof to generate clean power and take back control of their bills. Now it’s time for political leaders of all stripes to follow their lead.”

“The Queensland Greens policies provide the most comprehensive commitments to a renewable energy future for Queensland, while other minor parties One Nation and Katter’s Australia Party lag well behind.”

“The Greens are the only party promising to legislate an ambitious renewable energy target, support community energy projects and provide a truly fair feed-in-tariff for solar households” she concluded.

For comment contact:
Louise Matthiesson, Queensland Campaigner    ph. 0406 041 428

Further details on our election policy priorities, and how the parties scored can be downloaded from our website. The scores will be updated if further policies are announced.