Solar energy is the solution for generating cheaper, locally made energy for Australia

Solar energy is the solution for generating cheaper, locally made energy for Australia

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen’s annual climate change statement to Parliament today has highlighted climate change as a potential national and regional security risk and source of strain for national crisis coordination.

The Climate Change Authority’s Annual Progress Report, also released today, found Australia’s emissions have risen by 4 million tonnes to 467 million tonnes in the year ending June 2023.

The Authority’s CEO  noted, “... Australia is not yet on track to meet its 2030 targets”.

Solar Citizens calls on the Federal Government to deliver lower power energy prices, reduce emissions and increase energy security through greater support for solar energy and investment in locally made solar panels and battery storage. 

Heidi Lee Douglas, CEO of Solar Citizens said, “Electrification and rooftop solar are critical for saving households thousands of dollars while making cuts to emissions and strengthening our energy security. 

“Reduced emissions and reduced energy bills go hand-in-hand, with more than 2 million Australian homes now powered by rooftop solar.

“Households save about $1200 a year with rooftop solar and those savings last for the lifetime of the solar system which might be 10 to 20 years. The next stage of the rooftop solar boom will be powered and enabled by home batteries and electric vehicles.

“Every Australian deserves access to cheap, clean energy from solar.

“We need greater government support to assist people currently locked out of the benefits of solar including renters, people living in apartments, social housing residents and people with low incomes and limited savings

“Australia also can’t afford to delay introducing Fuel Efficiency Standards to drive more affordable electric vehicles powered by renewable energy. The more delay on a national fuel standard, the more people will keep paying for petrol at the pump and the more exposure Australia has to volatile global petrol prices.

Minister Bowen told the Smart Energy Conference this year, Australia has installed 60 million solar panels on Aussie roofs in 10 years, and now needs to put another 60 million on in the next seven years - with storage.

“Solar PV technology is an Australian innovation, but our reliance on imported panels has been highlighted by Minister Bowen as a national risk. After giving away our natural advantage, local manufacturers need assistance to develop the scale needed to compete with imports. Australians want Australian-made options in the market, and our energy security demands it,” Ms Douglas said.

Heidi Lee Douglas is available for interview

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