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Solar Citizens welcomes Federal inquiry into the transition to electric vehicles in Australia

Solar Citizens has today welcomed the announcement of a Federal committee ‘Inquiry into the transition to electric vehicles’ as an opportunity to fast-track the rollout of electric vehicles and make them more affordable for all Australians.

The committee will also explore “opportunities such as fuel savings and affordability for residents in outer regions to make this shift beneficial for everyone”.

Solar Citizens CEO Heidi Lee Douglas said, “Australians purchased electric vehicles in growing numbers in 2023 and this Federal committee inquiry is an opportunity for our political leaders to follow their lead and deliver support to make electric vehicles more affordable and accessible.

“We run our homes on renewable solar energy and it makes sense to run our transport on power from renewables. Electric vehicles deliver cost savings and health benefits when compared with petrol-fuelled vehicles.

“Australia is on the starting grid of the electric vehicle transition, while other countries have put their pedal on the accelerator. We risk remaining a global dumping ground for outdated, polluting vehicles if we don’t act now.

“Solar Citizens supporters who have electric vehicles and solar tell us they want vehicle-to-grid (V2G) enabled so they can re-direct power from car batteries back to the grid. This has been enabled in a limited capacity in a South Australian trial and should be investigated for use across the country. 

“It’s important this inquiry does not hold up the introduction of a Fuel Efficiency Standard (FES) in Australia, which we already know will play a critical role in reducing the cost of electric vehicles. A FES will increase the supply of electric vehicles, and more efficient petrol vehicles, and make them cheaper to run.

“A FES can help ease the cost-of-living pressure on household budgets, reduce pollution and emissions, and decrease greenhouse emissions from transport.

“Australians are ready for cars running on sunshine, now we need urgent action from political leaders to get them behind the wheel of electric vehicles, sooner,” Ms Douglas said.

The inquiry is open for submissions until Friday, 22 March 2024.

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