Solar Citizens Responds to reports NSW Government will consider extending Eraring Coal Plant - Solar Citizens

Solar Citizens Responds to reports NSW Government will consider extending Eraring Coal Plant

22 August 2023: Heidi Douglas, National Director of Solar Citizens, responds to the reports that the NSW Cabinet will be considering recommendations to extend the life of the Eraring Power Plant. 

“The Minns Government is considering large taxpayer funded hand-outs to the coal-fired power industry, which will lock in higher energy prices for consumers. This is outrageous and short-sighted. 

Energy experts are instead recommending clean, cheap household renewable energy like solar panels and batteries, as well as large scale renewable energy projects to bring down power prices in NSW.

“Industry analysts have estimated that extending the life of Eraring beyond its closure date will cost the Government between $200-400 million per year. 

“The NSW Government is testing the waters for community backlash, because they know that a massive wealth transfer from NSW tax-payers to coal barons is controversial. The decision hasn’t been made, and it’s not too late to change course.

Right now the Federal Government is offering $1 billion for clean household energy upgrades and $300 million to the states for energy upgrades for social housing. The NSW government hasn't agreed to meeting the co-financing requirements and risks leaving this money on the table.

More than 1 in 4 NSW households are already benefiting from solar panels on their rooftops, cutting their energy bills and slashing emissions. And we can quickly roll out more solar by adding batteries. Industry experts have recommended this as the fastest way to meet NSW’s energy needs in the short term whilst large scale renewable projects are brought online. 

“We are urging the Premier Chris Minns to find his way back along the path towards lower emissions and cheaper energy bills by investing in accelerated roll-out of both large and small scale renewables.”


Media Contact: Heidi Lee Douglas, National Director 0401 092 570