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Queenslanders win with new Climate Smart Energy Savers Program

1st August 2023: Queenslanders win with new Climate Smart Energy Savers Program

A new $22 million Climate Smart Energy Savers Program from the Queensland Government has been welcomed by the Power Together coalition of community, environment and faith groups.  

The new program offers rebates of up to $1,000 to buy and install eligible energy-efficient appliances with a four-star rating. The rebates are on offer for solar and heat pump hot water systems, air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers and refrigerators. Importantly, higher rebates are on offer for low income households. 

Support for all Queenslanders to access efficient electric appliances, particularly to replace expensive gas appliances, is a key campaign ask of the Power Together coalition which includes the Queensland Conservation Council, Queensland Council of Social Services, Queensland Community Alliance and Solar Citizens.

Solar Citizens National Director Heidi Lee Douglas said: 

“Solar Citizens commends the Queensland government’s new ‘Climate Smart Energy Savers Program’ to help reduce cost of living for Queenslanders. Rebates for more efficient home appliances will help reduce energy consumption and bills, especially when powered with Queensland’s abundant solar energy. 

“Solar Citizens is calling on the state and federal governments to work together ongoing to remove barriers to solar for renters, social housing, apartments, and strata – unlocking more rooftops to generate more cheap, clean energy for all. Affordable clean energy for all must be top of the priority list for the next joint state and federal Energy and Climate Ministers meeting in November.”

QCC Senior Campaigner Stephanie Gray said:

“This is a very welcome announcement by the Queensland Government. 

“Increasing the energy efficiency of Queensland homes is a simple way to slash power bills, bring down emissions and reduce stress on the grid at peak times.”

“We know from Climate Council research that Queenslanders could save more than $800 per year just from swapping out gas hot water for a solar hot water system. 

“With rebates soon to be on offer of $800-$1000 for solar and heat pump hot water systems, this could be a no-brainer decision for many households.

“We’d like to see this program coupled with a well-resourced communication and community engagement campaign so that Queenslanders know to cash in on the opportunity for lower bills and healthier homes.”

Queensland Council of Social Service CEO Aimee McVeigh welcomed the difference the latest rebates would make for Queenslanders, especially those on low incomes.

“Across Queensland, people are really struggling with the cost of living, and energy costs are a major pressure on household budgets,” McVeigh said. 

“Government has a role to play in making sure Queenslanders on low incomes have energy bill relief and a smart way to do this is assistance with the purchase of energy efficient appliances.

“Combined with the increased electricity rebates for seniors and concession card holders, the Palaszczuk’s Government’s latest cost of living package, which helps with the purchase of energy efficient appliances, will bring welcome relief to low-income households across the state.

“We thank Minister Mick de Brenni and the Queensland Government for its continued focus on cost of living, and we look forward to seeing more details around the program.” 

Queensland Community Alliance Lead Organiser Devett Kennedy said: 

“This announcement comes from hundreds of people sharing their own cost-of living stories and taking action through the Power Together coalition in community centres, churches, mosques, multicultural groups and unions.  

“The people this affects are grappling with it every day.  It is great to see the Queensland Government listening and acting on this issue.

“The members of Queensland Community Alliance are united in tackling the cost of living and climate crises together.  This announcement is a key step in Queensland doing that.”



More information about the Power Together coalition can be found on our website: powertogether.org.au.

Media contacts: 

Queensland Conservation Council: Stephanie Gray, 0425 543 006

QCOSS: Tanya Chilcott, 0404 889 010

Solar Citizens: Heidi Douglas, 0401 092 570

QCA: Devett Kennedy, 0467 563 796