Power to the People: Australia’s First Publicly-Owned Renewable Energy Company - Solar Citizens

Power to the People: Australia’s First Publicly-Owned Renewable Energy Company

Thursday, 30 August: Today’s announcement by the Queensland Government that they will come good on their election promise and set up renewable energy company CleanCo is welcomed by community group Solar Citizens.

The Palaszczuk Government announced that they will initially commit $250 million to progress the development of new, public renewable energy generation with the aim of having CleanCo trading by mid 2019.

“It’s great to see the Government acting decisively to implement this important election promise,” said Queensland Campaigner Louise Matthiesson.

“The Government is building the energy system of the future – these projects will be good for the environment and the economy.

“Building publicly-owned renewable energy power stations will create sustainable jobs in regional Queensland and shape our electricity system to meet the needs of Queenslanders, not multinational companies.

“This decision will be backed by ordinary Queenslanders. As Australia’s leaders in rooftop solar, it’s clean Queenslanders love clean, affordable power and voters have shown that they want to keep our electricity system in public hands.”

While Solar Citizens supports the decision to move the state’s existing hydro power plant under the ownership of CleanCo, the Queensland Government’s move to allow Swanbank E Gas to be owned and operated by CleanCo is disappointing.

“Gas is neither clean nor renewable. We’re concerned that it will distort the vision of CleanCo, which should be 100% focused on building a clean energy future for Queensland,” said Ms Matthiesson.

The Palaszczuk Government also announced that they will establish a Just Transition Group to help affected communities through the energy transition.

“We welcome the Palaszczuk Government’s efforts announced today to ensure a just transition for Queenslanders,” said Ms Matthiesson.

“In order for everyone to enjoy the benefits of the transition to renewables, we need to support workers and communities previously dependent on high-carbon energy generation.”

“Today’s announcements are an important step forward towards the Government’s target of at least 50% renewable energy by 2030, but our state still needs a clear roadmap to guide the transition.”


Media Contact: Louise Matthiesson 0406041428