Policy Needed To Ensure All Benefit from Clean and Affordable Solar with Storage - Solar Citizens

Policy Needed To Ensure All Benefit from Clean and Affordable Solar with Storage

Solar Citizens is urging all sides of politics to commit to policies that support all South Australians, regardless of income, to have access to rooftop solar with storage as it becomes more affordable than ever.

The call follows reports today citing energy expert Bruce Mountain’s analysis that solar with storage is now cheaper than grid electricity in our great state.

“Experts are now saying that rooftop solar with storage is the most affordable power option for South Australians, which is good news but our politicians must make sure all citizens can access the benefits of the rooftop revolution,” Dan Spencer South Australian campaigner with Solar Citizens said.

“There’s never been a better time to go solar and all across South Australia households have recognised this with solar installations booming and over 210,000 solar systems installed across our state” Mr Spencer said.

“Building an energy system that is clean and affordable starts with everyday South Australian’s rooftops. South Australian politicians should be putting forward policies like putting solar and batteries onto public housing to be used as a virtual power network for tenants and the broader community, a public interest retailer to support people on low incomes through the transition and to incentivise landlords to invest in solar and storage for renters,” he said.

“Already we’ve seen the government trial solar on public housing so some of the groundwork is underway - and that’s a good thing.

“We need policies and regulation that ensure a flexible electricity system where households can trade their cheap, clean sun-power with their neighbours and help power our schools, hospitals and small businesses.

“South Australia has a choice, get through the transition to clean energy or use it as an opportunity to secure a fair, clean and affordable power supply for all of us,” Mr Spencer said.

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