Labor's plans for transmission upgrades welcomed - Solar Citizens

Labor's plans for transmission upgrades welcomed

Solar Citizens has today welcomed Labor’s plans for upgrading Australia’s transmissions system to enable clean renewable energy like wind and solar.

‘Australia is well overdue for a government with a commitment to planning for the energy transition. A lack of transmission infrastructure is stifling investment in new renewable energy and preventing Australia from capitalising on its world class wind and solar’, said National Director Ellen Roberts

‘Our cheap clean power could be powering a new generation of manufacturing jobs. The lack of a coherent climate and energy policy from the current government is ruining Australia’s chances of becoming a global clean energy leader.’

'Renewable energy isn’t just about future jobs - it's keeping Australians in work now as we recover from the covid-19 economic crisis. In Queensland, Copperstring 2.0 a transmission line running from Mt Isa to Townsville will assist existing industries like the Mt Isa smelter to stay open by giving them access to cheap renewable energy.’

‘We also need to be planning for upgrades to the distribution network, for the grid at the household level, to make sure we’re enabling Australians to get rooftop solar and manage their own energy bills,’ said Ms Roberts

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