NSW Energy Announcement a Step in Right Direction - Solar Citizens

NSW Energy Announcement a Step in Right Direction

Wednesday, 31 October: The Emerging Energy Program, announced today by the NSW Government, is welcomed as a step in the right direction by community group Solar Citizens.

“It’s great to see the NSW Government release a plan that will help steer the state towards a clean energy future,” said Joseph Scales, Solar Citizens’ National Director.

“NSW’s ageing coal clunkers are reaching the end of their lives, so supporting more low-cost renewables with storage is the right move for lower bills and less pollution.”

The program is designed to help replace the state’s coal plants over the next 15 years and will provide funding for eligible large-scale dispatchable projects.

“While the Federal Government has abandoned any policy attempt to support the transition to renewables with storage, this plan shows that the economics stack up and the transition is here,” said Mr Scales.

“Solar and wind are already cheaper, and this plan is the first step to provide the investor certainty needed to repower NSW with clean energy.

“So far this program seems positive, however as more details emerge, it will be disappointing if this scheme funnels money into expensive gas generation.

“NSW has world-class solar and wind resources – tapping into these could provide more energy than all of the state’s coal and gas reserves combined.”

While Solar Citizens applauds the NSW Government's latest energy announcement, there is still more work to do to lock in a clean, renewable future for NSW and assist transitioning communities.


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