New data shows Aussies embraced rooftop solar in near-record numbers in 2023 - Solar Citizens

New data shows Aussies embraced rooftop solar in near-record numbers in 2023

Australians installed a record amount of new solar panels on rooftops in the last quarter of 2023, according to new data from SunWiz reported in The Guardian.

A record 921MW of rooftop solar PV was installed in the fourth quarter of 2023, bringing new rooftop solar capacity to about 3.17GW for the year. The 2023 solar installations were second only to the 3.23GW total for 2021.

Australian households are concerned about rising power costs and the new data shows they are investing in rooftop solar and electrification for effective energy bill relief, according to Solar Citizens acting CEO Joel Pringle.

“Australians love solar and they’re embracing rooftop solar in record numbers as the new normal,” he said.

“Harnessing the cheap, clean power available from installing solar panels on your rooftop is an effective way to reduce the cost of living.

“Households save about $1200 a year with rooftop solar and those savings last for the lifetime of the solar system which might be 20 to 25 years.

“To continue the solar momentum, we need to see more affordable household batteries. Affordable storage will see a predicted 1.1 million Australian households take advantage of storage technology, allowing them to power their homes with solar throughout the day and night.

“The next stage of the rooftop solar boom is also ensuring everyone can share the benefits of cheaper, clean solar, regardless of where they live or their circumstances.

“In 2024, the government needs to get more solar panels on apartments and rental properties. Renters, people living in apartments, social housing residents and people with low incomes and limited savings are currently stuck with higher energy bills because they can’t access rooftop solar,” Mr Pringle said.

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