Mammoth Wind Farm to Blow Cheaper Electricity to Queensland - Solar Citizens

Mammoth Wind Farm to Blow Cheaper Electricity to Queensland

28 November 2022: Mammoth Wind Farm to Blow Cheaper Electricity to Queensland

Solar Citizens this morning celebrates news that ACCIONA Energia plans to expand their Queensland MacIntyre Wind Precinct to house a total of 2,000 MW of new renewable energy generation. A new 1,000 MW Herries Range Wind Farm has been announced at the site. 

“Today’s announcement is great news for Queenslanders and an indication that the State’s increased Renewable Energy Target of 70 per cent by 2032 is signalling to the private sector that they should set up shop here,” said Stephanie Gray, Deputy Director of Solar Citizens. 

“Right now high global coal and gas prices are pushing our bills out of control, and the bill pain from fossil fuels is likely to be an issue for years to come. Next year power bills are expected to rise a staggering 30 per cent. 

“The only wholesale electricity price relief we’re seeing at the moment is in the middle of the day when Queensland’s 900,000 rooftop solar installations and 30-plus large-scale solar plants are generating affordable energy. 

“Bringing online more wind power will mean we have cheap renewable energy at other times of the day, and importantly, it will mean we’re less exposed to the global fossil fuel market. 

“Today’s announcement is a massive step in the right direction to bring down prices and slash emissions, but there’s still a role for the State Government to ensure that more renewable energy is coming online as soon as possible to help address the spiralling cost of living. 

“The reality is that the exciting project announced today is still years away. We’d like to see the State Government take immediate action on power bills by bringing online more publicly-owned large-scale solar, wind and storage projects, while helping renters and social housing tenants access the cheapest source of energy: rooftop solar.”


Media contact: Stephanie Gray 0425543006