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Key to Affordable Qld Energy Prices Being Overlooked

15 March 2023: Key to Affordable Qld Energy Prices Being Overlooked

Solar Citizens is this morning calling for fast-tracked investment in new Queensland renewable energy projects, following the release of the Australian Energy Regulator’s draft Default Market Offer. 

The new guideline for electricity prices shows that South East Queensland households are set to be slugged with increases of up to 20 per cent in the coming financial year. 

“Power bills are spiralling out of control and so far the Queensland Government has not delivered policies that are ambitious enough to match the scale of the problem,” said Stephanie Gray, Deputy Director at Solar Citizens. 

“A report we recently released with the Queensland Conservation Council found that Queensland’s solar and wind farms effectively brought down power bills by $100 per household last year, and the savings could have been up to $500 if the State Government brought forward the build of more renewable projects. 

“In the June state budget we’d like to see the Queensland Government bring forward their investment in new government-owned solar and wind projects to pave the way for long-term cheaper bills for Queenslanders.

“The Government’s new coal royalties scheme is smart policy and they can utilise that additional revenue to safeguard homes and businesses from further global fossil fuel price shocks.”

Solar Citizens is also calling for more government support for cost-cutting clean technology in the household, like rooftop solar and battery storage, particularly for renters and those living in social homes. 

“We know that rooftop solar provides the cheapest possible electricity to customers, but right now there are very limited state government incentives in place to help more households access affordable solar energy," said Ms Gray.

“In the ACT the State Government is offering no-interest loans to help households reduce their emissions and electricity prices at the same time by investing in solar, battery storage, energy efficiency upgrades and efficient electric appliances. 

“With global coal and gas prices likely to stay high for some time to come, it’s imperative that households be given access to the technology solutions that will provide long-term savings.

“This is a key moment to also provide targeted support to help the third of Australians who rent or live in social housing to access solar energy and energy efficiency upgrades.

“We can make our energy system fairer and bring down power bills for some of the most vulnerable in the community by providing solar for rental rebates and implementing minimum energy efficiency standards for existing rental properties.”


Media contact: Stephanie Gray 042554006