Greens ambition set with 90% renewables by 2030 - Solar Citizens

Greens ambition set with 90% renewables by 2030

Solar Citizens welcomes the Greens’ announcement this morning of the RenewAustralia plan for transitioning the economy to renewable energy, including a goal of 90% renewables by 2030.

Solar Citizens Campaigns Director, Dan Scaysbrook said the Greens’ commitment to a strong renewables goal and a new $500 million investment in clean energy projects would be welcomed by the overwhelming majority of Australians who want to see more solar and renewables, not less.

“In the run-up to the Paris climate talks, the Greens have shifted the conversation on renewable energy in Australia. This new, ambitious plan would kick-start investment in renewable energy, unlock economic potential and generate thousands of jobs,” he said.

“We can and should do more as a nation to grown renewables and solar. The ACT is leading the way with a 100% renewables target by 2025 and there have been several days when renewables have met all electricity demand in South Australia.

“The transition of our energy system is inevitable, the question is whether our political leaders will support the fast-track of renewables for a better future.

“We need all our politicians on board with orderly plans to manage this shift so people can take control of power bills and no Australian gets left behind as the transition gathers speed.

“Clean energy including solar will power our homes, towns and cities so the air and water is cleaner and the future is a healthy one for all of us, especially our kids,” he said.

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