Federal Government Can’t Wash Its Hands of a Renewable Energy Future - Solar Citizens

Federal Government Can’t Wash Its Hands of a Renewable Energy Future

Solar Citizens says Prime Minister Turnbull and Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg cannot wash their hands of Australia’s energy policy following reports the government is moving away from implementing a Clean Energy Target.

“Australians want sensible policies to deliver clean and affordable energy and all Australians will be let down if the Federal Government continues to wash its hands of any responsibility to deliver it,” said Claire O’Rourke, National Director of Solar Citizens.

“It’s an absolute outrage that the people running the country can’t come up with sensible policies for clean and affordable power and seem to be too busy playing politics in Canberra to act wisely,” Ms O’Rourke said.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill today indicated the states could go it alone with a clean energy target after urging the Federal Government to get out of the way.

“It’s welcome news that South Australia is looking to bring states together around a joint energy plan - what other choice do states have if the Federal Government can’t get it together and make a plan that helps people with rising power bills?,” Ms O’Rourke said.

“Renewable energy and storage is now the cheapest form of new electricity. The time is now for a plan to use Australia’s abundant sun, wind and waves to power our nation. If the Federal Government walks away from any national clean energy target, this transition will be held back and push up power prices for everyone,” Ms O’Rourke said.

Solar Citizens with GetUp! jointly commissioned the Homegrown Power Plan which puts forward policies to transition Australia to 100% renewable energy by 2030.


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