Australian consumers missing out on supply of affordable EVs

Australian consumers missing out on supply of affordable EVs

1st July 2022: Australian consumers missing out on supply of affordable EVs

Clean transport advocates Solar Citizens have welcomed today's stronger tax cuts for electric vehicles from the federal government, but warn that without mandatory fuel efficiency standards there won’t be enough affordable EVs available for Australian consumers.

“During this cost of living crisis, more Australians are looking for ways to slash their rising household bills and demand for EVs has never been higher,” [1] said Ajaya Haikerwal, Clean Transport Campaigner at Solar Citizens.

“But there’s only a limited number of affordable EVs available to Australian consumers - we have a supply issue, and without fuel efficiency standards car-makers will continue to sell their affordable EVs elsewhere.”

“Most G20 countries already have fuel efficiency standards in place, and manufacturers are incentivised to produce EVs and penalised when they do not. Australia has no such mechanism, and is already a dumping ground for the world’s unwanted, polluting cars.”

“Aussies are missing out on cost-saving opportunities of EVs that have been available overseas for years because of a lack of federal government policy protecting consumer interests.”

“Right now Australia is facing a triple whammy: a cost of living crisis and an energy crisis. And on top of that, we need to address the climate crisis.”

“It’s a unique moment for our new federal government to address all three, by implementing fuel efficiency standards to increase the affordability of EVs, which in turn will reduce our rapidly rising transport sector emissions.”

“The new Labor government wants EVs to make up 89 percent of new car sales by 2030, but without strong fuel efficiency standards in place, this is a pipe dream.”

“A car is our second biggest purchase after a home, and we want that investment to be a wise one. Running a car is a major weekly expense.”

“Australia already has the highest uptake of rooftop solar internationally, so if we charge personal EVs with daytime solar energy, the cost of running a vehicle can be as low as 60c per 100km.”


Media contact: Ajaya Haikerwal 0400 723 324

[1] Demand for electric and hybrid vehicles is at an all-time high. Why aren’t more on the roads? - SBS News, 18 March 2022