Australians deserve to receive full cost of living benefits from New Vehicle Emission Standards - Solar Citizens

Australians deserve to receive full cost of living benefits from New Vehicle Efficiency Standards

Solar Citizens urges political leaders to resist the ramping up of industry disinformation and support the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard for the cost of living and health benefits delivered for the community.

Government analysis found if Australia catches up with the emission standard in the U.S. by around 2028, people will save:

  • $1000 per vehicle per year or $17,000 over the average life of the vehicle;

  • $100 billion in fuel costs to 2050; and

  • About $5 billion in reduced health costs given the reduction in air pollution.

Solar Citizens CEO Heidi Lee Douglas said, “Australia is a dumping ground for more polluting, less efficient vehicle models that can’t be sold in countries with a fuel efficiency standard, passing on the cost to drivers and the community.


“The New Vehicle Efficiency Standard allows us our fair share of more efficient, cheaper-to-run vehicles, including electric vehicles, hybrids, and more efficient petrol models.

Similar emissions standards exist overseas and the places with standards have access to cheaper, cleaner vehicle options. There’s no evidence vehicle prices will rise unless the industry stands in the way of passing on cost savings to the community.

“Australians want to get behind the wheel of electric vehicles and we need more affordable options on the local market. For the millions of homes already running on rooftop solar, it also means the opportunity of nil fuel bills if they charge up an electric vehicle from home.

“The New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will return money to household budgets, ease the cost of living for drivers, and reduce pollution and emissions,” Ms Douglas said.