New report backs the need for an all-encompassing transport emissions strategy in Australia

New report backs the need for an all-encompassing transport emissions strategy in Australia

Solar Citizens this morning responds to the release of the 2022 Climate of the Nation report from the Australia Institute, which reaffirms the importance of a National Net Zero Transport Strategy required to fully decarbonise the sector.

“The Australia Institute report today clearly shows that Australians want all-encompassing climate plans for all sectors of the economy, including transport – our fastest-growing source of carbon emissions,” said Ajaya Haikerwal, Clean Transport Campaigner at Solar Citizens. 

“Concern for climate change is at an all-time high – most Australians have seen the harrowing effects of fires, floods and droughts at their doorstep, all within the last few years.

“Australians want solutions now and see the role of Australia in being a climate leader. But when it comes to transport emissions, most people probably don’t realise most of our emissions come from road-based transport, in particular cars.

“The Federal Government’s recent National Electric Vehicle Strategy will be a great first step to addressing our rising transport emissions. Today’s Australia Institute report demonstrates that two-thirds of Australians see the importance of a globally competitive fuel efficiency standard – the key policy mechanism explored in the Strategy.

“As we detailed in our own submission on the Strategy, any subsidies for EVs should be targeted to lower-income households to give them a helping hand in this transition – a point that 72% of Australians support, according to this report.

“We need ways to encourage people to do fewer trips in cars when they can. However as the report has shown, most people don’t feel that our public transport systems are reliable, affordable, or even better for the climate. 

“Powering our public transport systems with cheap, renewable energy is a no-brainer and a low-hanging fruit for transport decarbonisation. Investing in more frequent services to increase reliability will deal with the rest.

“But a lot of people also like having the flexibility of commuting at a time that suits them – and this is where measures to encourage the uptake of bike riding, including e-bike subsidies come in. So that more people can enjoy getting around safely, we should open more streets to bike riding without car traffic.

“It’s time to get on with it – Australians are sick of waiting for action while floodwaters lap at their doorsteps."


Media Contact: Ajaya Haikerwal (0400 723 324)