A Positive First Step in the Budget, But QLD Government Must Do More on Renewables and Energy Efficiency: Power Together - Solar Citizens

A Positive First Step in the Budget, But QLD Government Must Do More on Renewables and Energy Efficiency: Power Together

13 June 2023: A Positive First Step in the Budget, But QLD Government Must Do More on Renewables and Energy Efficiency: Power Together

The Queensland Budget delivered today has recognised energy bill relief for Queenslanders as key for addressing cost of living pressure and climate action with new funding announcements for renewables and energy efficiency, according to the Power Together coalition.

The Queensland Budget includes:

  • A new $550 energy rebate for all Queensland households and a higher $700 rebate for about 600,000 vulnerable households;
  • A record $19 billion over 4 years to support new wind, solar, storage and transmission;
  • $60 million for a household energy initiatives program; and
  • $10 million for Vulnerable Households Energy Advice Initiatives.

Dave Copeman, Director at Queensland Conservation Council said, “We welcome the state government’s record investment in renewables and energy efficiency, easing cost of living pressures for households across Queensland.

“Now we need to make sure that this investment is rolled out in a way that benefits Queenslanders as soon as possible.

“To build the renewable energy identified in the Budget in the time frame we need, the Government has to accelerate their planning reforms, and transform their community and Traditional Owner engagement to make sure that local communities are designing their own energy future and protecting their nature and cultural heritage.”

“The rebates are significant assistance for Queensland households, families and communities. Now we need to make sure that renters and social housing tenants also get the full benefit of cheaper, cleaner renewable energy and energy efficiency.

“We have the plan for more affordable, cleaner energy and electricity bill relief, and this budget is a significant step towards implementing it.

Heidi Lee Douglas, National Director of Solar Citizens said, “There’s a bright future ahead for Queensland’s economy and communities if the Sunshine State uses cheaper, cleaner energy to power our homes, businesses and economy.

“Rooftop solar provides households with ongoing power savings and reduces the cost of living while energy prices surge. Every Queensland household should have the support it needs to run on cheap, clean solar power instead of burning expensive, polluting fossil fuels.

“The simple truth of the matter is power generated from burning coal is much more expensive than power generated from the sun through solar. Solar is the cheapest source of energy. Currently the Queenslanders who need it most - those living in rentals, and in social housing - are locked out of savings from solar.

“Investment in solar for rentals and social housing completely missed in the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan. We welcome the $70m Household Energy Initiatives and advice package and urge the Queensland Government to commit further funds to enable access to cheap, clean solar energy for all Queenslanders - and get off coal power sooner rather than later.

“Investment in solar for rentals and social housing creates immediate energy bill savings for householders while we wait for the investment in large scale infrastructure and transmission to come online.”

Aimee McVeigh, QCOSS CEO said, “We welcome the government’s record investment in renewable energy, and the $1.5 billion energy bill relief package, which will make a big difference to household budgets.

“Some Queenslanders on income support will not have to pay anything for their energy bill over the next 12 months, as a result of this cost of living package. This will benefit many Queenslanders who have been choosing to not turn on their lights or heat their homes to save money.

“The Government’s long-term investment in the generation and storage of renewable energy will bring down power prices into the future.”


Dave Copeman, Heidi Lee Douglas and Aimee McVeigh are available for interview.

Powering Our Future: An action plan for Queensland’s cost of living and climate crises is available here: https://powertogether.org.au/

Media contact: Bron Matherson 0438 844 765