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What is an inverter? What sort should I buy?


Solar PV panels produce low voltage DC electricity. The inverter converts this into the AC electricity needed to supply power for standard appliances. There are two types of inverter - standard and hybrid. Hybrid inverters allow for the direct connection of battery storage. A solar system equipped with a standard inverter will require a second inverter to allow connection of a battery. 

The efficiency of an inverter is measured by how well it converts the DC electricity into AC electricity. This usually ranges from 95% to 97.5% for most models. Check the inverter’s specifications before you purchase.

Inverters are sized according to the power (watts) they can supply.

It is important to ensure that your grid connect inverter complies with Australian Standards. This is required to be eligible for the Renewable Energy Certificates and Solar Credits.

Ask your accredited installer to provide proof that your inverter meets Australian standards.

Manufacturer guarantees range from 5 to 15 years.