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What size solar system should I install?


The size of your solar PV system will depend on:

  • the physical unshaded area available for the installation of your panels
  • how much you are prepared to spend
  • what portion of your electrical consumption you wish to generate.

To work out what size solar PV system you require, you need to analyse your household’s daily electricity consumption. Your monthly or quarterly electricity bill measures your household’s electricity consumption in kilowatt hours. From this figure, you can calculate your average daily electricity consumption, and the average amount of electricity your solar PV system needs to produce to cover your electricity needs.

This process will be completed by your accredited designer during the design and specification stage, as part of their load analysis.

There are different calculators and assessment options for determining which solar pv size is best suited to your profile. Our friends at Solar Choice have one such tool called the Solar System Payback Estimator