Solar Supercharge - Program

Solar Supercharge Program






Three days, hundreds of leaders and volunteers from across the clean energy movement and a stellar program. It's going to be an incredible summit. Here's what's in store...

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Each day we’ll all come together in the main auditorium to hear from leading experts on clean energy, including some of the country’s best campaigners, scientists, economists, business leaders, journalists and activists. Find out more about who’s speaking here. There will also be opportunities to connect with hundreds of other Solar Supercharge attendees.

Workshops and Masterclasses

If you’re coming to Solar Supercharge to get the skills you need to take action for a clean energy future, you’re going to love these sessions. We’ll be running parallel streams, with many options for you to choose from. These include interactive panels, skills workshops and large masterclasses with some of the country’s leading campaigners.

Political Forum

2016 is a Federal Election year. This is your chance to put the pointy questions to some of Australia’s most important decision makers.

So far we’ve confirmed Mark Butler (Shadow Minister for the Environment and Climate Change), Larissa Waters (Greens Senator) and Glenn Lazarus (Independent Senator), and we’re waiting to hear back from Greg Hunt (Minister for the Environment).


Public Action

Solar Supercharge will include a powerful public action. With hundreds of us all together, this is a great opportunity to put clean energy on the public agenda in the leadup to the Federal Election. It's also your best chance to become a YouTube celeb, or get on the front page of the paper.

Strategic Election Planning

It’s amazing what a small group of committed people can achieve. You’ll get the chance to meet with others from your local area and plan how, as a group, you can kickstart action in your local community. As 2016 is a Federal Election year, that’ll probably be the hot topic.

Electric Vehicle Display

We'll have a number of electric vehicles on display during lunch and the breaks each day, including a Tesla Model S, a BMW i3, a Mitsubishi i-MiEV, a Nissan Leaf, a converted vehicle, and an electric bicycle! You'll also be able to chat with their owners from the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, and have all your questions answered.