Monday, February 15th

Monday, February 15th

Monday at Solar Supercharge (free)

The third and final day of Solar Supercharge is not to be missed, with a high impact public action followed by a political forum with leaders from across parties.

if you can't make it to the previous two days, RSVP for the action and the forum here and we'll put you on the list for these two exciting events. 

Public Action - Solar Community Survey, 8:30 am, Reddacliff Place




Solar Supercharge will include a powerful public action. With hundreds of us all together, this is a great opportunity to put clean energy on the public agenda in the leadup to the Federal Election. We'll be heading down to Reddacliff Place to speak with community members, find out their attitudes to solar, and collect personal messages to deliver to the our decision makers at the political forum afterwards. 




Political Forum, 11:30, QUT Gardens Point Room P514




You can view a detailed map of the campus here.

2016 is a Federal Election year. This is your chance to put the pointy questions to some of Australia’s most important decision makers.

So far we’ve confirmed Mark Butler (Shadow Minister for the Environment and Climate Change), Larissa Waters (Greens Senator) and Glenn Lazarus (Independent Senator), and we’re waiting to hear back from Greg Hunt (Minister for the Environment).

1-Mark_Butler.jpg 1-Larissa_Waters_b_w.jpg 1-Glenn_Lazarus_b_w.jpg 1-Greg_Hunt_2_b_w_question.jpg

February 15, 2016 at 8:30am - 3pm
Dan Scaysbrook
John Saunders Paul Guard Scott Farquhar Sarah R Peter Casey Carmel Cook Laurie Bradbrook Christopher Neville Richard Trow Josephine Burden Bruce Henzell Marc Talloen Philip Alford John Robertson Franklin Bruinstroop Emilie Carey Aimee Bull-McMahon Peter Nisbet Wendy Flannery Justin Armstrong paul grace Anne Boccabella

Will you come?

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