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Angus Taylor Stop Sabotaging Clean Energy

While Angus Taylor is in the media attacking states like Victoria and South Australia for their clean energy leadership, he is failing to manage our electricity system and has no plan to support and prepare for the inevitable transition to renewable energy. 

Now that the national Renewable Energy Target (RET) is met, projections show that over the next few years renewable energy investment will dry up and the number of new solar and wind projects under construction will fall off a cliff – risking thousands of jobs and billions in investment. 

Investors, business and the renewable energy industry are all calling out for energy policy certainty so that we can keep building new clean energy generation to replace Australia's out-of-date coal clunkers. Sign our petition to join the call. 

Will you sign?

Federal Energy Minister, instead of propping up ageing and inefficient coal-fired power stations, I call on you to plan for the inevitable transition to cheap and clean energy by:

  1. Extending the national Renewable Energy Target;
  2. Allocating more funding to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency;
  3. Ensuring the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme remains strong until 2030. 

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