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Solar Potential Report MP Briefing Packs

Australian households could save $9.3 billion on energy bills every year by investing in the untapped solar potential of residential rooftops across the nation.

These findings come from the Solar Potential report, commissioned by Solar Citizens and produced by our friends at the Australian PV Institute and the University of NSW. While more than 3 million Australian homes already have solar panels installed, millions more households are missing out on the cost savings of cleaner, cheaper energy from rooftop solar.

Donate now to get the Solar Potential report on the desktops of politicians around Australia. Your support means we can print copies of the report and ensure it is delivered to state and Commonwealth Members of Parliament at this crucial time, whilst decisions about budgets, renewable energy projects and coal-fired power plants are being actively considered. You can send the message - the solution to the cost-of-living crisis is ensuring that all Australians can access cheap renewable energy and affordable electric transport.

Your tax-deductible donation will help cover printing and mailing costs, so that Solar Citizens can get this report to decision-makers nationwide, along with personalised cover letters and meeting requests. Make a donation now and help turn the volume up on community voices calling for long-term solutions to the energy crisis.


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