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Call for Action: Tasmanian Feed-in-Tariffs and the sell-off of Aurora

Update 23 August: The state government has released it's "Final Position" on the solar feed-in tariff. Our campaign is more important than ever. Read our post on the changes, including important information you need to know right now.

Will you sign the petition to Save Solar in Tasmania? 

15,000 households in Tasmania have already installed solar PV systems and Tasmania has the physical resources and the expertise to be the renewable energy powerhouse of Australia, developing local sustainability and exporting clean energy to the mainland.

Government policies that support local household, commercial, community and on-farm renewable energy generation can:

  • Create employment. For example jobs created in installing rooftop solar are direct, local and of the type needed in the Tasmanian economy.
  • Diversify the generation of electricity, enhancing security of supply and reducing wholesale prices.
  • Reduce transmission losses by generating power closer to the point of use.
  • Allow increase export of existing hydro power to the mainland providing additional revenue for the state.
  • Demonstrate Tasmania’s commitment to action on climate change and enhance the state’s reputation as ‘clean and green’.

That's why Save Solar Tasmania has started a community effort to ensure a strong future for solar here in Tasmania.

Tell the state government that a fair price for solar and other small renewable energy installations should be legislated before electricity retailing is privatised.

What you can do:

Sign our petition 

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