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Save Solar Tasmania

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For most Tasmanians using the power of the sun to generate energy just makes sense.

To date 10,000 households in Tasmania have installed solar panels on their roof, bringing wide benefits including new jobs, reduced wholesale power prices and new generation of clean safe energy. 

But despite all these benefits the privatisation of Tasmania's energy retailer Aurora is creating uncertainty about the future of existing feed-in tariffs.

This uncertainty risks undermining investments already made in solar, and the future ability of Tasmanians to take control of their energy bills. 

In signing this petition I call on the Tasmanian government to support: 

  • Legislated protection of the existing Tasmanian feed-in tariff for the households who have already installed solar PV systems.

  • Legislated provision for a fair price for solar and other small renewable energy technologies in Tasmania that takes into account the many economic and environmental benefits of these installations.

  • Policies that allow all Australians to lower their energy bills, create cleaner power and take energy generation back into their own hands.

Let's ensure a strong solar future for all Tasmanians!


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