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Solar Citizens Survey: Clean Technology is the Solution to Lower Bills

2022 has been a big year with an energy crisis, petrol crisis and cost of living crisis unfolding and putting growing pressure on households and businesses. We checked in with our community in our annual survey to find out more about the biggest energy and transport issues facing them, and what’s needed to ensure everyone is able to access the benefits of cheap clean energy. 

Over 1,700 solar citizens took part – and here’s what they told us.

Overwhelmingly, people want clean technology solutions like solar, batteries, and electric vehicles to bring down household costs.

A huge 85% of our solar-loving community already have panels on their homes and it’s helping them save stacks! Nearly half are saving a whopping 70% or more on their power bill, or are usually in credit. No wonder then that 90% of people without solar are keen to get panels, but unfortunately 30% are locked out because they live in a rented home. 

Many are looking to the next steps in electrifying their homes and lives. Half of solar owners are looking to add a home battery to make the most of their cheap clean energy, but just one in five have installed one. For most (75%), the upfront cost is still keeping batteries out of reach for now, but most would readily install one with a subsidy to reduce the cost barrier. This is why we urgently need policies to help roll-out affordable battery storage, like a Renewable Energy Storage Target (REST) that can work like the hugely successful Renewable Energy Target.

Rising cost of living is putting growing pressure on households, and skyrocketing petrol prices was rated the top concern for our community. So it’s no surprise that two-thirds are looking at purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) to slash fuel and maintenance costs. Yet so far, just 12% have been able to make the switch to an EV and skip the bowser, as the cost is also the biggest barrier here too, highlighting the need for sensible policies like fuel efficiency standards and other measures to bring down the cost and accelerate uptake. 

With a new Government we have new opportunities to roll out clean technology, but our work isn’t over. Our community strongly agrees that we need to keep up the community pressure to ensure the Labor Government will rapidly roll out affordable renewable energy and electric transport. 

And we’re readier than ever for the challenge. Our community is set to keep up the fight to protect and grow clean energy and transport – and to bring on new opportunities to electrify households an build new industries like renewable manufacturing and clean energy exports, so all Australians see the benefits as we become a renewable energy superpower.