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Save Solar Tasmania launches

Solar Citizens is delighted to be supporting a new community campaign to ensure current and future Tasmanian solar owners receive a fair price for the solar power they are feeding into the grid. 

Save Solar Tasmania - a new alliance of businesses, householders and community groups - today called on the State government to act urgently to safeguard Tasmania’s opportunities in small and medium scale renewable energy projects.

Prompted by the lack of clarity regarding the future of feed-in tariffs in the upcoming retail privatisation, the group

will work to ensure a strong future for solar in Tasmania. 

“The government is rushing headlong into the privatisation of Aurora  but has been conspicuously non-committal on the future of feed-in tariffs.” said Jack Gilding, a spokesperson for the group Save Solar Tasmania in a media release today.

“Media speculation, driven by the lack of clarity from the government, is resulting in customers cancelling orders and could risks businesses closing or laying off staff. Tasmania cannot afford to lose these jobs and investments.” said Mr Gilding. “The Minister needs to assure Tasmanians who sign up prior to the government legislating new arrangements that existing arrangements will apply to their purchases.”

Save Solar Tasmania is calling for:

  • A public consultation and review process that sets a fair price for electricity from solar and other small renewable energy technologies in Tasmania, taking into account the many employment, economic and environmental benefits of these installations.
  • Guarantees that existing tariff arrangements will continue for people who have already installed solar PV systems and for those who order systems before new arrangements are finalised.

Click here to sign the petition to Save Tassie Solar!

For more information contact: 

Jack Gilding
0407 486 651
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