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Energy Minister Bailey: put a stop to Ergon's unfair treatment

The Queensland State Government committed to protecting and growing solar in Queensland, including a target of 1 million solar rooftops by 2020.  

Despite this commitment, on the 1st of July fixed prices for accessing the grid were increased meaning everyone will pay more no matter how much energy they consume, and it could add up to $438 a year! This disproportionately impacts solar owners and other consumers who have reduced their energy usage to take control of their power bills.

To make matters worse, State Government owned corporation Ergon Energy is now requiring costly network assessments for systems over 3.5 KW in metro areas or larger than 2KW in remote parts of the state.  

We need to make it easier to go solar, not impose extra costs and barriers. Sign the petition to ask Mark Bailey to Stand Up For Solar in the Sunshine State and stop Ergon's unfair treatment 

Will you sign?

Dear Minister Bailey,

Queenslanders love their solar, and we know you do too. We need you to stand strong on behalf of Queenslanders who have gone and want to go solar. We call on you to stop the increase to the fixed price for accessing the grid and ensure that Ergon does not impose network assessments for smaller solar installations.  


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