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Tell SA-Best to Say No to EV Tax

The South Australian Government wants to hit electric vehicles (EV) with a new tax that will slow down EV uptake and keep polluting cars on the road for longer.

Electric vehicles are the future: they cut transport emissions, can run on clean solar and wind energy, and are cheaper to run and maintain. While the rest of the world is encouraging the uptake of cleaner EVs, Australia is already an electric transport laggard and introducing this tax now will only make the situation worse.

The good news is the tax can be stopped in the Upper House if SA-Best MPs use their power to block it. Can you help flood them with messages to stand up for clean transport by blocking the tax and supporting incentives to help South Australians switch to cleaner cars?

Use the template we've provided or write your own email using the form below.

Your emails will be sent to SA-Best Upper House MPs Connie Bonaros and Frank Pangallo.

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