Sun-powered Queensland

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Rooftop by rooftop, communities across Queensland are nudging our sunshine state towards a sun-powered future. In fact, Queenslanders are world leaders at harvesting sunshine!

But too many people don’t have access to clean energy. They are being left behind with dirty old energy that’s damaging our environment and harming our communities.

We know we need to shift to clean energy, fast. To make this happen – and enable everyone, everywhere, to power their lives with clean energy – our government must step up and lead.

Right now, the Palaszczuk government is developing a plan to see 50% of Queensland’s power needs met by clean energy sources – like solar and wind power – by 2030.

We need to make sure this plan forms part of an orderly and fair transition to 100% renewables for communities and workers – there’s no other way.

With the gradual closure of coal plants around the country, it is critical that the Queensland Government implements an orderly transition to clean energy industries and jobs that are good for our health, our families and the communities we live in.

The Sun-Powered Queensland Pledge is supported by an alliance of businesses, faith groups, unions and environmental organisations. Click here to find out more.

Will you sign?

Yes, I'll sign the pledge for a Sun-Powered Queensland and call on the Queensland Government to:

  • Make our renewable energy target law

  • Champion large-scale clean energy projects across our state

  • Accelerate renewable energy uptake and modernise the electricity system to support variable, dispatchable and decentralised energy

  • Phase out coal and gas-fired power stations in a smooth and orderly manner by 2035

  • Help people who work in polluting industries and their communities transition to new jobs with a future


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