Write a Letter to the Editor - Solar Citizens

Write a Letter to the Editor

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) just ruled that networks will be allowed to charge solar households a sun tax for sharing their clean energy. The story is hot in the media right now and it's critical that solar voices are heard. 

Write a letter to the editor using the guide below to publicly call out this unfair sun tax.

Suggested talking points:

  • State governments can still stop this, and I support my Energy Minister blocking this unfair attack on solar. 
  • Rooftop solar benefits all energy consumers by providing cheap, local energy to the grid and bringing down wholesale power prices.
  • The new energy rules give all the power to networks without strong enough safeguards to protect consumers.
  • Solar households will have to pay up or have their ability to export slashed. This could lead to less renewable energy in the grid.
  • Non-solar households will see a bill-saving of just 30c a week, but solar households could lose most of their income from their solar investment. 
  • It is unfair to charge solar homes and businesses when big coal and gas generators don't have to pay for pumping electricity into the network.
  • Feed-in-tariffs are already dropping around the country. We should be encouraging more rooftop solar - not penalising people who are trying to cut their energy bills and do their bit for the environment by putting panels on their roof.