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100% Renewables Roadshow

100% renewables is 100% do-able in Australia. The only thing we're lacking is the political leadership and the policies to bring about the transition. Our government currently has no national plan for an orderly transition to 100% renewable electricity in Australia - so we went and made one for them. It's called the Homegrown Power Plan.

Join us for events, trainings, community presentations, MP meetings and more as we take the Homegrown Power Plan on the road to build community and political support for 100% renewables. Become a part of the massive groundswell we need to make the clean energy transition happen!



The Homegrown Power Plan

The Homegrown Power Plan, a joint project between GetUp! and Solar Citizens, is a policy roadmap showing how we can repower the country with 100% renewable power by 2030. How? By rebooting our failing electricity system, removing the roadblocks holding us back, and investing in the renewables boom.

Read details and download the plan here.




Request a Presentation

Invite a 100% Renewables presenter in your area to give an up-to-date multimedia presentation about the Homegrown Power Plan and getting to 100% renewables.

Request a presenter here.




solar_supercharge_500.JPG100% Renewables Ambassador Trainings

We’re planning a number of 100% Renewables Ambassador Trainings early next year, training people in how to engage with their community and politicians on 100% renewables and the Homegrown Power Plan.

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