QLD Scorecard - Solar Citizens

Queensland election 2015: how do the major parties score on solar?

We contacted the major political parties and asked them where they stand on 5 key issues facing solar in Queensland. Here's how they score. Click the image for a larger copy.

 Queensland election 2015 Solar Scorecard

Sun = Party response to the question was satisfactory.
Sun behind cloud = Party response to the question was only partially satisfactory.
Cloud = Party response to the question was unsatisfactory. 
 ? = Party response to the question was unclear.
NB. Where party responses lacked detail or were unsatisfactory Solar Citizens also referred to public information including party policies and public statements.   

Solar has never meant more to Queenslanders.

More than 380,000 Queensland households are powered by the sun, and thousands more Queensland families are going solar every month.

Queensland has about one-third of Australia’s rooftop solar capacity and 6,545 people employed in the renewable energy industry, the most of any state or territory in Australia. 

That's why we're calling on you to Vote 1 Sun at the ballot box. Pledge your vote here.

Solar Citizens is an independent organisation. 

We think it's important you have the facts so you can decide for yourself how best to make your vote count for solar on Saturday 31 January.

Need more information? You can read responses in full by clicking on the party logo below:

ALP Queensland response to Solar Citizens  Queensland Greens response

KAP response to Solar Citizens   LNP response to Solar Citizens

PUP response to Solar Citizens

Click here for the 5 key policy issues each party responded to.

Make sure you share this important information with friends and family before election day.  

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