QLD Feed-in Tariff slash, March 2013

QLD Feed-in Tariff slash, March 2013

Background information for Queensland members of the public

What is the Newman Government doing?

As of July, the mandated 8 cent tariff will be removed, affecting the 40,000 homes that are currently under the tariff and all future solar owners in Queensland. Solar homes will have to negotiate directly with retailers for any tariff for the energy they provide to the grid.

What does negotiate with retailers mean?

It means the retailers will be able to determine how much money you receive for providing energy back to the grid. As you can imagine, because retailers are looking to make the most profit, they aren’t interested in providing a fair return for the energy you’re providing. That’s why Solar Citizens believes that a fair, legislated price for solar needs to be provided.

Will I be affected?

If you’re on the 44 cent solar bonus tarif, your tariff will not change. However, if you’re one of the 40,000 solar owners on the 8 cent tariff - or one of the thousands of families who want to make the move to solar - you may have to negotiate directly with retailers for your tariff - depending on what region you’re in.

What do you mean, depending on what region you’re in?

If you’re in the Ergon region, you’ll still receive a regulated tariff through Ergon. However, if you’re in the Energex region, you’ll have to negotiate directly with retailers for your tariff. The government has laid this out as follows* -

Ergon Region

  • Given the very limited competition outside the south east corner, Ergon Energy customers will continue to receive a tariff paid by Ergon Retail.
  • This rate will be set by the Queensland Competition Authority until there is enough retail competition in regional areas to make solar more self-sufficient.

Energex Region

  • Energex will no longer pay the 8 cent feed-in tariff.
  • Customers will be able to negotiate a tariff with their retailer.
  • The Government will not regulate a rate.

Wait, that seems unfair. Why are some customers getting the tariff and others have to negotiate with retailers?

It’s not fair. Solar Citizens believes that all customers - current and future - with solar on their roof should be receive a fair price for the solar they provide to the grid, which is why we’re asking you to take action today to let the Newman Government know how you feel about this decision.

What can I do?

Let the Newman Government know how you feel today by signing this petition.