Our Solar at Risk: Public Meetings to Defend Solar


Do you have or love solar? Do you want to see a strong solar future for Australia?

For the first time, large numbers of solar citizens will be coming together to hear from expert speakers, discuss the issues and prepare to act against the rapidly growing threats to solar.

BRISBANE: Thursday 5th June - RSVP here!
ADELAIDE: Tuesday 10th June- RSVP here!
SYDNEY: Wednesday 18th June - RSVP here!
MELBOURNE: Thursday 19th June - RSVP here!
ONLINE: Tuesday 24th June - RSVP here!

Over 5 million Australians are living under a solar roof. These families have taken power over their electricity bills while doing their part for the environment - and many more families want to make the same move.

But, the rapid growth of solar is hurting the profits of big energy companies. That’s why big energy companies are making it harder for families to go solar. Not only that, but these companies are in the ears of our politicians, telling them that solar is a problem. That’s why our politicians keep trying to cut feed-in tariffs, change Federal and State policies to make it harder to make the move to solar - and even add taxes on the sun.

Solar reduces bills, creates jobs, brings in international investment and ensures a renewable future. It’s essential that solar can continue to grow throughout Australia. That’s why we need to come together to find a way to keep our future a sunny one.

Come to your state's Public Meeting to Defend Solar and be a part of this!

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