Spread the pro-solar message

Stop the anti-renewable attack

Spread the pro-solar message

In a shocking revelation The Australian Electoral Commission has no power to stop multinational corporations spreading anti-renewable propaganda on social media to influence the outcome of the federal election. 

With a slippery use of election authorisations and ad content being created offshore, the pro-coal lobby have a loophole which allows them to invest millions of dollars in attacking Australia's renewable energy industry. 

Will you chip in to power the community fight back and spread the pro-solar message?

Your donation will be put straight to good use and a little goes a long way on social media. Every single dollar helps us reach up to 30 new people who care about renewables and gets more names calling for the next federal government to deliver clean, cheap smart energy.

Here’s how your gift could help:

  • $40 reaches 1,200 people
  • $70 reaches 2,100 people
  • $120 reaches 3,600 people

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