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Five Recommendations

The Electric Ute Roadshow has driven over 10,000km through regional Australia, visiting more than twenty communities, speaking directly to hundreds of regional Australians and reaching millions more through social media, print, radio and TV. Our message was simple: clean transport can save you thousands and your regional community millions of dollars, but we need strong mandatory Fuel Efficiency Standards to enable us to leap out of the back of the global queue for electric vehicles.

This report outlines the lessons we’ve learned from the Electric Ute Roadshow and presents five recommendations to government to enable regional Australians to remove their barriers to clean transport.

  1. Implement a strong, mandatory Fuel Efficiency Standard
  2. Build resilient charging infrastructure
  3. Prioritise regional towns for charging infrastructure
  4. Combine charging infrastructure with solar-shaded roofs
  5. Remove barriers to Vehicle-to-Everything (Vehicle-to-Load, Vehicle-to-Home and Vehicle-to-Grid) technology

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