Donate to save ARENA

Thanks for taking action to save ARENA

Thanks for taking action to supercharge ARENA. Will you donate to spread the word and power the community fight back?

To get a seat at the Energy Minister's table, we need to get 10,000+ signatures on our open letter – people standing up for ARENA and calling for more government funding for renewable energy innovation. With greater support we can raise the stakes and we will a bigger impact. 

Your donation will be put to good use straight away, and a little goes a long way online. Every single dollar helps us reach up to 30 new people who care about renewables and gets more names calling on the Government to support ARENA and save our collapsing large-scale renewables industry.

Here’s how your gift could help:

  • $30 reaches 900 people
  • $60 reaches 1800 people
  • $140 reaches 3600 people

Donate for our clean energy future

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