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Donate to end the climate and energy wars

Your help is needed to shift the politics on climate and clean energy. It's critical that all federal MPs lift their ambition and turn Australia into a renewable energy superpower. 

We need a federal government that’s not dragging us backwards by investing in polluting fossil fuels and delaying climate action. By ignoring clean energy solutions, the Morrison Government is risking thousands of jobs and it is turning Australia into an international polluting embarrassment. 

With the COP climate conference fast approaching and the federal election around the corner, now is the time to keep up the pressure. Now is the time to amplify calls for a more ambitious 2030 climate target and a plan to make Australia a clean energy and transport powerhouse. 

3 million Aussie homes and businesses are powered by rooftop solar and doing the heavy lifting when it comes to slashing pollution. Now, if thousands of solar citizens across the country stand together, we’ll hammer the message home that the community backs stronger climate action and more clean energy jobs. Please give a tax-deductible donation and ramp up the campaign to champion clean energy over big polluters.

Please give for our clean energy future