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Affordable Clean Technology for All NSW Households

New South Wales households are struggling with soaring electricity and gas bills. Helping all residents to power their homes with cheap clean energy is key to bringing down bills and tackling the energy crisis. No one should be left behind, whether you own your home or live in an apartment, rental or social housing. 

Rolling out rooftop solar and battery storage so cheap solar can be used around the clock will help lower power prices for all energy users and strengthen the grid. 

Will you sign the petition calling for all sides of politics to stand up for NSW households and support affordable, clean solutions?


You can read our full list of policy asks for the NSW election below, or download here.

Will you sign?

Dear NSW Energy Minister and Shadow Energy Minister,

We’re calling on you to stand up for NSW households and pledge to:

  • Provide targeted financial support, including interest-free loans, for the rollout of household clean technology, such as small-scale solar and storage, energy efficiency upgrades and electric appliances to replace gas. 
  • Assist the most vulnerable social housing tenants to slash their power bills by rolling out a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) for at least 10,000 dwellings. 
  • Provide financial support for at least an initial 10,000 rental properties to install solar. 
  • Encourage the Federal Government to support more battery storage in New South Wales to reduce electricity bills for consumers and improve grid reliability.
  • Support a policy like a Renewable Energy Storage Target (REST) to drive the rapid rollout of household battery storage to bring down bills and improve grid reliability.

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