The Clean Energy Election - Solar Citizens

The Clean Energy Election

In the lead up to the 2022 Federal Election, thousands of solar citizens across the country took action, calling on all sides of politics to back more ambitious renewable energy and clean transport policies. Together, we helped deliver a momentous shift for the nation. 

In recent years, the acceleration of clean energy and transport has largely been driven by state governments, and by households and businesses leading the way by putting solar on their rooftops and switching to electric vehicles. But slow federal action has put Australia at risk of missing out on opportunities to capitalise on our abundant cheap solar and become a renewable superpower. 

Australia has lagged behind without a national renewable energy target or transition plan, or adequate funding to boost transmission infrastructure or kickstart renewable manufacturing and exports. Many households, like those in apartments or on lower incomes, are still locked out of the benefits of solar. Plus the lack of a federal electric vehicle strategy, financial incentives or fuel efficiency standards has kept Australia in the slow lane on clean transport. 

However, this election Australians made it clear that real action on clean technology, climate and cost of living were top issues when considering their vote. Across the country, voters overwhelmingly chose candidates with stronger clean policies that could bring down emissions and slash power and petrol costs. 

The Labor Government has been elected with promises to get to 82% renewables by 2030, invest in community batteries and solar gardens, support renewable hydrogen and manufacturing, and support the roll out of electric vehicles with a national strategy, subsidies and charging infrastructure.

What we did, together 

  • Delivered 73,000 renewable energy and clean transport scorecards to letterboxes in every state and territory, with hundreds more sharing it across social media. 
  • Opened the Townsville Clean Energy Hub to highlight the economic benefits renewable energy projects can continue to unlock in the regions.
  • Reached 1.1.5 million people with digital advertising.
  • Solar Citizens lit up the media with 22 hits on radio, tv and newspapers in the weeks before the election.
  • Advertised on 3 billboards in Brisbane and 2 in Townsville.
  • Held electric vehicle community events in Brisbane and Townsville.
  • Emailed hundreds of candidates across the country to back in key policies needed to accelerate the transition to 100% renewables and affordable electric transport. 
  • Put up yard signs across Townsville calling for support for clean energy and renewable hydrogen in the region.
  • Volunteered at roadside actions - getting lots of honks for clean energy and transport- and market stalls. 

What we achieved

The Labor Government has been elected on the back of these commitments: 

  • A target to reach 82% renewable energy and 43% emissions reduction by 2030.
  • $200 million to install 400 community batteries (around 500kWH of storage) across the country. 
  • $100 million for 85 solar banks (solar gardens) to help 25,000 households locked out of rooftop solar to access the benefits. 
  • $20 billion to rebuild and modernise the energy grid to help more renewable energy come online. 
  • $3 billion for renewable manufacturing and hydrogen, including $140 million to develop renewable hydrogen hubs in Townsville and Gladstone.
  • An Electric Car Discount that will exempt electric vehicles below the luxury car tax threshold from import tariffs and the fringe benefits tax.
  • Development of Australia’s first National Electric Vehicle Strategy.
  • $500 million Driving the Nation Fund that includes funding to expand the national charging network.