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Don't let the sun set on WA solar




Over 130,000 families in Western Australia have invested almost $1 billion in solar panels on their rooftops. And that number is expanding by the minute. These are families and businesses in our communities who are creating local jobs, taking power over their bills and doing their part for our environment.

But, while the solar revolution is happening in WA, it’s is also coming under attack. In a recent media statement, Energy Minister Mike Nahan said the rapid increase in the number of solar households in WA was the cause of rising electricity prices and lower profits for big power companies. This same article speculated that Minister Nahan could consider introducing “a straight-out levy on householders with solar panels” to help maintain the profits of the companies that run the energy grid.1

This is just what the big power companies have been calling for.

But, penalising solar owners to pay for an out of date grid is not the path WA should be heading down. Thousands of solar owners who have done the right thing should not be punished to prop up the profits of the big power companies. Using the free power of the sun through solar is the solution to our energy future, not the problem.

Please sign the petition below to make sure that Minister Mike Nahan doesn't change the rules for current or future solar owners, who are just trying to do the best thing for their bills and their state.

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Dear Dr Nahan, Energy Minister,

I applaud your recent statements in regard to solar in our state. Specifically when you said:

“We've gone out and encouraged people to put photovoltaics on their rooftops and that's a positive thing. Photovoltaics are actually putting downward pressure on electricity costs. People are using less power and generating electricity by themselves rather than buying it. We are [also] generating less electricity from coal - that is good, that's what we wanted.”

As you clearly understand, the move to solar in our state is an important one, with over 130,000 families investing almost $1 billion dollars to take power over their power bills and do their part to help the environment. Of course, the move to solar in our state was influenced by government incentives, and it’s important that we continue this trend.

We need to to ensure that solar is an option for any family in West Australia.

For this reason, I ask that you do not to buckle to the calls of big energy companies by increasing fees or charges on solar homes. It’s important that we, as a community, celebrate the benefits of solar and don’t discriminate against the 130,000 Western Australian families who have already installed solar on their rooftops and the many more who want to make the move.

I call on you to make a statement today committing that no discriminatory fees or charges will be levied on solar owners. We can’t let the big energy companies control our energy future. As you said, we need to reduce our use of fossil fuels and move to an energy fuel source that’s free and here to stay.



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