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Stop the EV Tax

Australia is lagging behind on electric vehicles, and over the past two years, several states have considered or even rolled out premature road user charge 'ev taxes' making it even harder for everyday Australians to afford cleaner cars. 

Victoria has already rolled-out their too-soon EV tax. Fortunately, New South Wales and Western Australia have deferred an EV tax until 2027 when EV uptake should be higher, and South Australia recently repealed their tax. Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory have so far ruled out an EV tax. Now is the time to incentivise cleaner cars to make them more affordable for all Australians, not add roadblocks.  

Let your state or territory Treasurer know you back support for cleaner electric transport by using the form below to send them an email.

Want to know more about why the EV tax? Read our blog post here.

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