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Solar Supercharge Terms and Conditions


By purchasing tickets to Solar Supercharge you are agreeing to the following: 


Code of Conduct

I acknowledge that Solar Supercharge is a drug-free and weapon-free event and understand that if I bring any of these items to the summit I may be asked to leave.

Throughout Solar Supercharge 2016 I will be respectful towards people at all times, and refrain from behaviour that discriminates against someone based on their race, age, sexuality or religious beliefs, or any other behaviour or language that may hurt other people.

I agree to respect other people’s personal boundaries and points of view. I agree to look out for others at all times. I understand that I must take responsibility for my own safety and get help if I need it.

Participation, Injury & Indemnity
I hereby indemnify the 100% Renewable Community Campaign Inc. T/AS Solar Citizens and any other organisers or service providers of this event from any liability arising from my personal actions, where such actions are contrary to the directions of the Solar Supercharge leaders or organisers or the Code of Conduct above.

I acknowledge that in the event that I am asked to leave Solar Supercharge 2016 for any reason whatsoever I agree I will be responsible for any expense incurred, which may involve Solar Citizens being reimbursed for any such expense. I acknowledge there will be no refund of tickets purchased.

Except as to the extent that Solar Citizens, its officers, leaders, agents, volunteers and members are entitled to be indemnified by an insurance policy under a policy of insurance maintained by Solar Citizens, I hereby release and indemnify Solar Citizens and its officers, leaders and agents and members, against any liability (including liability involving negligence) in relation to participation in any event concerned with Solar Supercharge 2016. 

Medical Treatment
In the event of an emergency, I consent to medical advice being sought on my behalf and I consent to the disclosure of my medical information I have provided, to appropriate medical personnel. I authorise Solar Citizens in the event of any injury or illness occurring during the Solar Supercharge summit to obtain at my expense any medical treatment as may be considered appropriate for myself. I agree to reimburse Solar Citizens where necessary for any such hospital, medical or other expense incurred in this regard.

I am aware that I may be photographed or filmed by officers, leaders, agents and members of Solar Citizens, and this material may be used for both internal and external communications in celebration videos, presentations, on our website, media releases, and for any other such use as deemed appropriate by Solar Citizens.

I am aware that all information obtained from relevant documentation concerning my participation will remain confidential, except in cases where there is concern for my health, safety or welfare. I consent for relevant information to be shared with members of Solar Citizens and I am aware that information will be shared only when deemed necessary and subject to the privacy policy which can be viewed here.

I understand that there are no refunds available after purchasing this ticket. In the event that I am unable to attend or wish to cancel my purchase Solar Citizens has no responsibility to reimburse the payment made.


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