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Sharing the Savings Report

With the cost of solar and battery storage falling, plenty of solar owners are wanting to upgrade their solar system or install a household battery but don't want to jeopardise their premium tariff. They're caught between a rock and a hard place. 

We asked solar owners on a premium tariff for their thoughts on a possible solution: an optional premium feed-in tariff buyout scheme. After receiving plenty of positive feedback and support from the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, we commissioned a detailed analysis on the idea by Marchment Hill Consulting.

The money from the buyout would go to two things: a lump sum to the customers who participate to be spent on a battery and a fund for low-income households to get access to solar and storage or energy efficiency upgrades.

You can read the full policy blueprint here. The supplementary report contains the full analysis from Marchment Hill Consulting and the survey questions that were asked of solar owners and can be read here

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