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Recharging Australia

Key Insights

  • A strong Fuel Efficiency Standard is a key policy needed to reduce transport emissions and unlock a supply of affordable electric vehicles (EVs) to help tackle the cost of living crisis for all Australians.

  • Introducing a Fuel Efficiency Standard for light vehicles of 95 grams CO₂/km would save Australian motorists $11.2 billion in fuel costs over five years.

  • The cost-saving benefits of a strong Fuel Efficiency Standard will be greater for regional drivers, relative to city drivers, because they typically spend a higher percent of weekly earnings on transport costs due to longer average commutes, higher regional fuel prices and higher rates of car ownership.

  • A Fuel Efficiency Standard will turbocharge the growth of EVs and could see Australian EV registrations grow from 14,255 in 2020 to more than 913,359 in five years.

  • The reduction in transport emissions from a strong Fuel Efficiency Standard will improve air quality and health outcomes for Australia.

  • Failing to introduce a strong Standard will lock Australia into spiralling fuel costs, limit vehicle choice for consumers, and see harmful transport emissions continue to rise.

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