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Queensland Government falls behind on support for renewables

Solar Citizens has today released a report card on the Queensland Government’s progress on its renewable energy commitments, marking them C- overall.

‘Sadly the Queensland government is barely scraping a pass on their renewable energy report card, because they’re not on track to achieve their aim of 50% renewable energy by 2030,’ said Solar Citizens National Director Ellen Roberts. 

Solar Citizens assessed the full range of the Queensland government’s renewable energy commitments and found:

  • The delivery of the 400MW reverse auction is now running two years overdue, although an announcement is expected from CleanCo in a matter of weeks;
  • The Government just failed to reach its goal of 3GW of rooftop solar by 2020; 
  • The rays of sunlight are the Advancing Clean Energy Schools program is so far on track, as well as progress made towards renewable energy in remote communities. 

A 2019 analysis by Green Energy Markets found that Queensland is only on track to meet 30% renewable energy by 2030, requiring another 4,500MW of projects on top of the Government’s commitment to deliver 1000MW through CleanCo to reach the 50% target.

‘Labor are certainly ahead of the LNP, who have made some topline statements but don’t support a planned transition to clean, renewable energy. But Labor need to turn their policies on paper into real action on the ground.

We’ve experienced a renewable energy construction boom in Queensland since 2016, but the number of new large-scale clean energy projects committed to last year crashed to almost nothing.

‘Just over a year ago at the height of construction activity close to 3,000 people were employed across Queensland’s regions building new clean energy plants, but if nothing changes that number will fall to zero in a matter of months.

‘The Queensland government can turn this around, but they need to do this quickly to avoid renewable investment flowing to other states that have better support for renewable energy.

‘Queensland is a world leader when it comes to rooftop solar. Queenslanders are doing their bit, and now it’s time for the government to support investment and jobs in clean energy.’

The full report card can be accessed at: https://www.solarcitizens.org.au/qld_renewable_progress_facts

About Solar Citizens: Solar Citizens is an independent, community-based organisation working to protect and grow renewable energy in Australia. We represent the millions of Australians that have rooftop solar, and all Australians that support the transition to clean renewable energy.


Media contact: Ellen Roberts, Solar Citizens' National Director