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Minister Bailey: stop the Queensland power bill hike

On July 1 Queenslanders saw the fixed fees on our bills increase by up to 20%. This outrageous fee hike applies across the network and means that solar owners in the Sunshine State, like you, will pay more, despite how sensibly you consume energy.

Sign the petition today to demand Mark Bailey, Minister for Energy and Water, intervenes to stop this price hike.

Will you sign?

Dear Minister Bailey,

Queenslanders love their solar, and we know you do too. We need you to stand strong on behalf of more than 440,000 Queenslanders who have solar, and the thousands more who want to go solar. We're calling on you to stop the outrageous fixed price increases affecting solar owners across the Sunshine State, which were recommended by the Queensland Competition Authority.

These changes mean everyone pays more regardless of the way they consume energy. This unfairly discriminates against solar owners who have made the sensible decision to take control of our energy usage. Minister Bailey, please intervene and protect the Sunshine State's solar future. 

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